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Chill on the Hill

Frozen Treats, FroYoshakes
and more in Philadelphia

Chill on the Hill offers self-serve frozen yogurt and FroYoshake in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. You can choose from more than 30 rotating flavors and 50 tasty toppings which include fresh fruit, nuts, candies, cookie dough, brownies, sprinkles, syrups and more. Add them to your frozen yogurt for an authentic taste.

Real ingredients make great flavors, and we love to find the best ones sourced locally to make your frozen yogurt and FroYoshake extra scrumptious!

Frozen yogurt is a refreshing, tangy dessert that combines the flavors and textures of ice cream and sherbet with healthy benefits and without the fat or calories. Whether gluten-free, sugar-free, diary-free or vegan, you will find a treat for you at Chill!

Chill on the Hill

What's so chill about CHILL?

Chill on the Hill

Wide Variety of Flavors

Chill on the Hill focuses on quality and we garauntee you will find a favorite! Whether you like your froYo rich and creamy, vegan, dairy-free you can always count on low or no fat options with minimum calories.

We work diligently to offer you a wide variety of flavors and options and always have something new to try at our store.